Monday, May 30, 2011

Still determined, but maybe not so daft after all.

Mrs Bertha Blackbird (as we have christened her) managed to lay her eggs.  We couldn't see them as she's on quite a high ledge but my daughter climbed a ladder and putting her hand in the nest while Bertha was out foraging, felt the three eggs there.  We were quite thrilled about it.  I was still nervous, mind you, that they'd never all fit in this nest.  However, time proved me wrong and soon we could see the little necks straining up, beaks wide open, piping to Mrs B to come and give them their grubs.  She worked tirelessly and didn't seem to mind our coming and going, just flew over out heads.  She chose this place so she had to get used to it.

You can just see the beady eye of one of the larger babes in this picture.  One morning, I forgot to shut the kitchen door when I went into the garden.  On my return there was Bertha standing in the kitchen, mouth full of worms, looking very disorientated.  I had to chase her out.  After a while as I went to get something in a corner of the kitchen and up flew a baby bird!  It gave me quite a shock.  I realised then why Bertha had come indoors like that.  The babe had left the nest, flown in through the open door and its piteous yells brought her in search of her offspring.

After some chasing around the kitchen, I managed to catch the wee thing and stroked its little head to calm it down.  Then left it under a bush nearby for its mother to find and feed. The next day, I had a feeling the rest of the brood had gone also and they had.  So all was well and Bertha's determination paid off.  Later I saw one of the youngsters, now quite large and doing it's own foraging.  If only our own kids grew as fast and were independent so soon!

  I tidied up her nest for her, clipping away some of the tumbling leaves and bits of straw.  My husband was all for taking it away but I knew she would return.  Sure enough she's there again today, sitting on a much tidier nest!... and ready to produce the next brood.  It's wonderful to be so close and able to watch the process happening.  I've never had that marvellous experience before.

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